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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  January 21, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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many believe the fate of the health care debate hinges on him. >> today, he heads to the hill. massachusetts senator-elect scott brown in town get ago quainted with his coworkers nd at least one democrat says he will not pull a move meant to keep brown's say on the forum silent. we'll take a look at the numbers in haiti and a personal sign of support for relief efforts from president obama. just when all the snow from laugh month wash wade for the most part, more winter weather in the forecast. we'll find out much more coming up. fox 5 morning news continues right now. good morning. 6:00 on this thursday morning. it is january # 1st. off in the distance, the washington monument. things looking pretty good right now. we've got some changes headed our way. more on that in just a second. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. thank you for being with us this thursday morning. tucker barnes is with us all morning as wells with as we get set for changes.
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nothing going to affect us during the day. >> no proems today. evening commute should be just fine. it is the nighttime hours tonight, particularly overnight into the morning commute tomorrow morning that we have the potential for some problems here in washington. worst of it will be north and west steeft where we'll have the icy snow, sleet, freezing rain mixture. three there could be some accumulations particularly north and west of the city. we could have our share of problems too here in washington. this won't be a major, major storm for washington, d.c. itself. here is your hd radar. this is your storminess off to the south and west. you can see the flashing so plenty of energy with this system. bottom line, looks like the rain arrives later tonight, maybe 8:00, 9:00 tonight here in washington and we'll slowly transition as we get colder air moving into in sleet, freezing rain snow mix. because of that, we have a winter stormwatch west and north and west of the city.
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counties in blue, that is hagerstown, winchester. assume layings will be greatest out there, maybe two to four, maybe five inches of snow and ice on top of it. plenty of problems out there. we could have sleet, freezing rain, a little snow on top of it. this won't be awe major storm as our temperature are just going to be too marginal to support a whole lot in the way of snow. 33 at rug an national. our humidity at 64%. our pressure is way up right now. that is going to kind of help key that cold air locked in place at the surface tomorrow morning. your forecast today, no problems. highs in upper 30s and low 40s with just a lot of clouds out there by 4:00 tm. >> be ready for tomorrow. >> thank you. let's check some with julie wright and see what folk have to be ready for out on the roads. >> i'm never ready for a day like tomorrow. if you ask me, just stay in bed and pull the cover up over your head. >> for those who have to make the drive into work right now,
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you will find lanes are open along southbound 207 with no incidents to report leaving hie the atstown, already -- leaving hyattstown, already a slow start. all of the lane are open out towards clarksburg. no incidents leaving germantown. the crash in maryland is on the inner loop. that is southbound 95/495 after route 5 branch avenue. we do have fire and rescue equipment on the scene. the two right lanes are closed. heads up headed southbound towards the wilson bridge. south of route 5, you lose the two right lanes. heavy out of woodbridge leaving the prince william parkway up towards lorton. but all lane are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. four people found dead inside a burning home. it is a developing story that we're working oust east baltimore this morning. fire crews got the call before midnight, arrived minutes later but said it was already too late. right now, it is not clear if that home had working smoke detectors. investigators are also not saying if the vic tums died
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from the fire or were dead before that fire broke out. the late out of the haiti this hour. another 2,000 u.s. marines or their way to help deliver aid. by the enof the week, the toldal number of u.s. military personnel in haiti could reach 16,000. the army is done assessing damage at the main pier. president obama and first lady michelle obama are joining the releast efforts donating $15,000 from that you are personal bank account. they wrote ought a check to the clinton-bush haiti fund. obama say they were inspired by the millions of other americans who gave. another big story we are following, authorities very now identified the vic fills in that deadly shooting spree in appomattox, virginia on tuesday. police say 39-year-old christopher speight killed his sister and brother-in-law and their two children along with four family friends. he also shot at a police helicopter forcing that chopper to land and then hid in the
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woods overnight before turning himself in on wednesday. he is charged with first degree murder. fresh off his win in the massachusetts senate race, republican scott brown will get acquainted with lawmaker on capitol hill. he will make courtesy calls to gop leaders and democrat john kerry. his comeback victory has decembers concerned about the fate of health care reform but president obama says it is only fair to wait until brown takes his seat in the senate before continuing to vote on an overhaul. virginia senator jim webb agrees. >> it doesn't mean that we should stop addressing ways to approach the necessity for some improvements in health care but it should be done with the people who are properly elected. >> reporter: senator paul kirk took over kennedy's seat on an
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interim basis shortly after his death from brain cancer last august. the salahis were sub meaned a.ed it to testify about their presence at that state dinner but they weren't exactly talking. they stuck to the script given by their lawyer. some of the committee member electric tirened and berated the couple. >> you shamelessly proceeded to socialize with the president, vice president and various invited guests and then brazenly posted photographs of your poor and ill-conceived behavior on your facebook passenger for the entire world to see. your asks could have seriously endangered the safety and the life of of the president of the united states, vice president of of the united states and the visiting dignitaries. >> a grand jury is investigating the security breach and the salahis could still be facing criminal charge ms. this case. stay tuned to fox 5 morning news. ahead in our 8:00 hour, d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton will be joining us live to talk
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more about that hearing yesterday. we will also be talking about delegate norton about a a big delivery that she and the group d.c. vote dropped off at the union station post office. they sent the white house 41,000 pet i gos demanding a rote in congress for citizens of district. they are calling on the president to include a statement about d.c. democracy in his upcoming state of the union address. coming up next be, the way that banks do business is in for a big change. >> more on the restrictions that president obama is putting into place. what did not happen right after the suspect in that attempted christmas day terror attack was arrested. these stories coming up. 
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president obama cracking down on big banks. he is set to give the government power to limit the size of the institutions and limit their abilitto engage
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in high-risk trade. the senate is writing new banking regulations. the nation's intelligence chief says, besides missing red flags about the accuse the christmas day bomber, another major mistake was made. national intelligence director dennis blair says that umar farouk abdulmutallab should have been hand over to a special interrogation unit, not civilian authorities. meantime, homeland security secretary janet napolitano says security failures happened on both a national and the international level. >> the bottom line is this. he was not on the no-fly list which would have flagged him to be prevented from boarding. nor was he on the selectee list which would have flagged him for secondary screening in amsterdam by the dutch. furthermore, the physical screening performed by foreign authorities at airports in nigeria and in the netherlands failed to detect the explosives on his body.
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>> reporter: authorities claim he tried to ignite a bomb hidden in his underwear as he was on a northwest flight approaching detroit. winter is certainly making a comeback. >> tucker is standing by with all the details on the forecast coming up next. also ahead on the bus and on the rails, another fare hike is looking likely now for metro riders. the question is how much are those fares going to go up. we'll take a closer look at that when we come back.
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we've been talking all morning about the chances for some winter weather in the next day or so. v-d.o.t. crews are getting ready this. they treated some potential trouble spots yesterday. last night, more than 100 trucks were mobiized to monitor conditioned and treat areas as necessary. another 350 will be on the roads later today. >> yesterday morning, even out to the west, we had a little bit of freezing rain. >> just a touch. a few snowflakes here and there during the day yesterday. it will mostly be a slushy mess here in the metro area t will
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be sleet, phrasing ryan, a little bit of snow on top of it. it won't be good sledding weather. >> probably not good driving weather. >> it might be slippery tomorrow morning. off to the north and west, that is where the greatest concern is we could is he more accumulating snow. i think there will be more problems off to the north and west. counties in blue, this goes into effect later tonight and ll linger into the daytime hours tomorrow. and again, it is off to the north and west where we've got the greatest chance we could see snow accumulations, maybe two, four, maybe five or six inches in a few spots well off to the north and west. close in town here, i think it will be a slushy mess and assume layings up to about an inch. so we are not under any winter storm watches or warnings here in washington at this hour. don't be surprised if later today, we don't get a winter weather advisory issued for the immediate washington area. counties in white, this is a cint are storm warning that. includes charlottesville and goes into effect later tonight. no problems today. the problems will start to get going during the overnight hours tonight. temperature has fallen back now
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to 32 degrees. we are at the freezing mark here in washington. 27 for new gaithersburg. 36 in quantico. 38 at this hour in fredericksburg and 33 in annapolis. let's ke a look at our satellite-radar. our storminess, kind of a complicated weather pat were but areas of low pressure developing. can you see the storminess. a lot of lightning and thunder with this as well. off to the south is developing in western tennessee. what will happen is it will push towards the washington area. transfers eney to a developing storm system off the coast. when that happens, we'll start to pull the cool air in here. the thing is it will start as rain and transition over it a wintry mix as we get into the overnight hours. so when we wake up tomorrow, i think it is possible we could have some icy roadways particularly just for the north and west of the city. this is not going to be a major winter storm when all is said and done as there is just not enough cold air to tap into to keep this an all-snow event. forecast for today, no problems today. your morning commute, your afternoon commute, just fine. increasing cloud today but cool. a high temperature only 40
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degrees. winds will be out of the east at five to 10 miles per hour. toght, that is when the problem gets going. rain, sleet an snow developing. overnight low in town, 32. look out for the possibility of slick roadways tomorrow morning. then, it will be all out of here by tomorrow afternoon way high temperature only in the mid-30s. saturday looks fine. sunshine with highs about 40. rain retwopz sunday afternoon into monday morning. some of that rain could be heavy but notice temperatures are going to be plenty mild. it will just be a rain event as we'll be near 50. that is a look at the weather. let's get to on-time traffic. >> we are looking slow on the inner loop of the beltway. it's brief and abankrupt delay but it is a slowdown on the inner loop 95 and 495 headed southbound towards branch avenue w he say good morning to the crew in sky fox. we have a crash here involving they are above the reason why. a car off the roads into the woods so if you are traveling the inner loop in the direction of the wilson bridge, this is what is happening. you will find that the accident activity has been pulled over to the shoulder. now, we do have lanes open once again but the flashing lights
6:19 am
just causing a brief delay. slow down briefly as you continue past the scene. outer loop look good as you continue north of andrews around towards college park. we'll update your ride south along 270. for those leaving frederick, the pace is good. traffic does slow approaching and passing 109. again, here in gaithersburg, a little bit of a slow downapproaching an passing mva but that is it. no incidents to report as far south as rockville. you will find the top side of the beltway behaving nicely between college park and bethesda. and new in virginia, 395 northbound leaving duke street headed up towards seminary road. picking up the usual suspects so we are starting to slow just a bit in the main line headed northbound from duke street. again, no incidents to report all the way out to the bridge. hov lanes open for business. no problems reported there. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. more commuter news for you today as the 19 virginia rest stops that were shut down last year because of budget concerns will soon be reopening. new governor bob mcdonnell is making good on his promise to bring them back.
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after an appeal from mcdonnell, the transportation board voted to have some of the rest stops up within 30 days and all of them open by the middle of april. it will cost # million and mcton el said inmate libraryor" and private contributions would help to manage the costs. metro is raising the rates. one board member guessed that by the end of the year, rider may be paying as much as 0 cents more per trip. there is a significant decline in ridership on metro trains and busess. the system is facing a $40 million shortfall. there is a public hearing scheduled for next wednesday. the board will likely decide the next day whether to increase the fares a mid the budget shortfall, metro is spending $739,000 in advertising. a specks person says the new campaign was within the marketing budget guidelines. new slogan is the new metrobus. see how far we've come. our business beat is koss. ing up income. find o what popular web site will start charging you to read its content. if you like to try your luck at the lottery, can you
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get twice as lucky in the district. megamillion will start selling tickets in the district on january 31st. d.c. already has the powerball. we'll be back after the break. e ode to the subway premium big hot pastrami sandwich. your name speaks volumes.
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if you donated to relief efforts in haiti, can you probably right it off on your 2009 tax return. the house pass ad i bill that would allow donations to apply to last year. if you want to see a list of charities aiding in relief efforts, can you go to our web site, >> chris cotter joins us from new york with our business beat this morning actually selloff on wall street and concerns out of china this morning, chris. >> yeah, you had a little selloff yesterday. thank goodness it wasn't worse.
6:25 am
we were down 200 at pun weekend ended the day at 122. not uncommon that you have a selloff after an event, even if it is a positive event because you had such a big run-up to the event. health care stocks sold off because they raup so much the day before. you also had news out of china that the chinese central bank is going to reduce their lending and they're actively trying to convince other banks in china to do the same to try to curtail growth a little bit. they are still steaming around and they are worried about asset bubbles in china. in curtailing that lending, it may slow down global growth because we are such a tightened economy. an interesting story about the "new york times" i want to get here. looks like starting in 011, they will start charging for on- line content. it is interesting because we've seen so many newspapers go out of business here of late and it is a way that the times said look, we've got to do this in
6:26 am
order to make ends meet. this is from a newspaper that is popular nationally and certainly from a -- in a town, now, is a big newspaper town, one of the last few remaining big newspaper towns. so if you have the paper subscription, you won't have to pay on-line but if you don't and you want to dig deep into the stories, you have to pay a subscription in 2011. thing is wait all newspapers are going. >> that is for sure. we'll have to leave it there. have yourself a great thursday. the state dinner crashers called to capitol hill yesterday to give their take on what happened. they showed up but didn't have much to say. more drama on the hill today over health care. sarah similar monday is covering that for us. >> reporter: health care reform is on hold until the new republican senator from massachusetts is sworn in. so what does this mean for the democratic legislative agenda? i'm sarah simmons. i'll have the latest from the hill coming up. ho: could itcho really save you
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welcome back. there is breaking news about the late night saga. nbc and conan o'brien have reportedly agreed to a deal to part ys. the wuerl says he signed that agreement about 4:00 there morning. journal says it is likely to include a $32 million payment to o'brien and $12 million in severance for his staff. owe brain had refuse awed plan to move his tonight show back to 1:05 so jay leno could return to late night at 11:35. -- the "wall street journal" says he signed that agreement about 4:00 this morning. >> beyond the jokes will continue for now. >> we have winter weather headed in towards the washington area. not today, morning commute, evening commute, just fine here. this is later tonight, overnight into tomorrow morning when we are concerned we'll get a wintry mix, the dreaded
6:31 am
wintry mention. let's get right to satellite- radar. we'll start talking about the increase in clouds you will see. might see a little morning sunshine here but the clouds will win out. you can see off to the south and west, the clouds are not only lower and thicker but there is some rain and a lot of thunderstorm activity. not on this radar but a lot of thunder activity across the south this morning. all of that is headed in our direction. i think we will start to see some rain in washington, #:00 or 9:00 tonight. it will start a slow transition over to sleet, freezing rain and even a little snow by this time tomorrow. winter stormwatch, off to the north an west. i'll show you that map coming up in just a couple of minutes. temperatures will be critical over the next 4 hours. we don't have a lot of arctic air to tap into but there is cold air off to the north. because temperatures will be kind of narj malaround here, we have this possibility of a win the -- kind of marginal around
6:32 am
here, we have this possibility of a wintry mix. >> thank you. let's check in with julie. >> you guys, it just got interesting along 270 for those traveling southbound out of rockville making your way south of montrose road. that is where we've got the crash if you are traveling southbound. the accident activity was blocking the left lane of two. this is now the live shot of the beltway at colesville road and as you make your way around from college park headed into silver spring, the pace now starting to slow here as well. northbound 395 leaving duke street to seminary road is picking up some volume now and starting to low past landmark. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. authorities have now identified the victims in that deadly shooting spree some appomattox on tuesday. >> police say christopher speight killed his sister and brother-in-law and their children and four family
6:33 am
friends. he is charged with first degree murder. now to the latest on haiti. an additional 2,000 american marines are on their way to help with the releast efforts. total number of u.s. military personnel in haiti could reach 16,000. in port-au-prince, work continues to repair the city's port in order to give shipments of aid another place to arrive beside the city's small airport. the president and the played have donated $15,000 of their own money to the relief efforts. they made that donation saying they are inspired by the generosity of millions of americans. >> i think it is important that we hit the ground running because there are some very important issues facing our country. >> one of those issues being health care. fresh off his stunning victory in the massachusetts senate race, republican senator-elect scott brown is already eyeing the road ahead. >> he is getting acquainted with fellow lawmaker here in the district today. sarah simmons joins us live
6:34 am
with more from capitol hill. >> reporter: he will be getting to know his new colleagues today. we understand that first up, he is expected to meet with his big republican backer during all of this, senator john mccain. he is set to also meet with massachusetts senator, the democrat there, john kerry. now, all of this really, his win really busting up that filibuster-proof majority that they were enjoying there in the senate. the 60-vote majority that she had. that is no longer which many are worried is going to put health care reform in jeopardy. and virginia senator jim webb, he is putting a roadblock on the advancement of health care reform for just a bit. the senator saying he will not take part in any health care votes until brown is seated. now, there is speculation that if brown had won the democratic leader were going to try to run this through during the time that the interim sent are to was still in his seat. but webb says this does not mean that his backing is any with a different from not
6:35 am
wanting health care reform. >> it doesn't mean we should stop addressing ways to approach the necessity for some improvements in health care but it should be done with the people who are properly elected. >> reporter: now, of course, it is still unclear exactly what the timing of brown's swearing- in is going to be. he is the unofficial winner at this point. until then being a vote on health care reform is going to be stalled. back to you. >> thank you. and now to some other drama on the hill. state dinner crashers showed up yesterday for a hearing in front of the house homeland security committee but they didn't say a whole lot. >> on advice of counsel, i respectfully observe my right to remain silent and decline to we are your questions. >> that was pretty much the only response they could get. they pled the fifth a total of 31 times. claudia coffey has more. >> reporter: the committee was made aware early on that the
6:36 am
salahis would invoke that are right not to incriminate themselves, it didn't stop some from lecturing and even berating the couple for their actions. they faced the bright lights of a new reality. as they took their seats, tareq began with a brief opening statement that conclude wade tribute to the troops. >> finally, my wife and i say we are strong supporters of the men and women who have gone abroad. >> they put their lives on the line every single day to protect us against any threat to this nation. and for people to make a joke of it, to think it is not serious,ings an affront to those individuals. >> reporter: it didn't get much better from there. >> let me ask you awe question,
6:37 am
did you wear a tuxedo that night? are you going to take the fifth on that? >> on the advice of counsel -- >> let me ask you a question. were you there? are you here today? are you here right now? you got to get an answer from your attorney on that. >> reporter: tareq did most of the talking as his attorney coached an even mouthed words from behind. >>ed on advice of counsel, i respectfully assert my right to remain silent. >> reporter: the couple relied on scripted answers. we noticed michaela aiding her husband by pointing to the correct cue card on the table in front of them again and again. after the show, it was over and they made their way dn the halls. >> the salahis are innocent and have commit nod criminal act.
6:38 am
>> the chairman the committee says his staff has met with real housewives of d.c. and the production company has made the tape available. >> we re having trouble with the ought i don't there. but the real housewives of d.c., the show that the salahis were supposed to be onthey're still debating whether they will make that show. new this morning, a took placer at the private school attended by the president's daughters has been fired over sex abuse charges. "washington post" is reporting this morning that robert peterson talk at sidwell friends since 1979. he also ran the school's summer camp on the eastern shore. the post says peterson had been on leave since before the beginning of the school year. he is accused of inprospectively touching a male sidwell student at his home. he faces sex assault charges in queen anne's county. a fox 5 investigate revealing more problems at the d.c. jail as inmates apparently release by mistake.
6:39 am
>> now, a d.c. councilman wants answers. wisdom mat unhas more. >> reporter: december 1st, t. where ra williams was arrested and chargedded. she was supposed be in the d.c. jail until her next hearing january 2 #nd owe her mother penny was viced to find out she was early. >> i was wondering when a friend hers called me and said that she was released and it didn't dawn on me at the time. >> reporter: it turns out williams was released by mistake. her mother tried to find out why. >> after i made a couple of phone calls, i got nowhere this morning with the corrects facility, the d.c. jail, you got nowhere. >> reporter: neither did councilman phil mendelsohn who is chair of the public safety committee that oversees the jail. >> we are not being give a lot of detail which is not right. public should know what is going on here particularly since it involves somebody who has been accused of a crime. >> reporter: district court documents show williams was
6:40 am
ordered held without bond friday. so how was she released? well, city officials released a statement tuesday night saying after receiving notice from the d.c. superior court to release an individual, the doc did so only to subsequently be informed by the court that they had made an error and accordingly the doc is in the process of bringing the indidual back into custody. but a spokesperson for the courts told me today no notice was ever given to the jail to release ms. williams on january 15th. nor did anyone at the court ever communicate to the department of corrections that an error had been made. >> there has to be adequate and correct communication between the department of corrections and the courts. if there isn't, we need to fix that. we need to know what went rong in this case. >> wisdom martin, fox 5 news. the courts say the appropriate paperwork was filed last friday requiring ms. williams be held until january 22nd the deputy u.s. marshal received iand it was entered intthe do kiro 7's database
6:41 am
by 4:30 in the afternoon. she was released later that night at 11:41. family, friends and colleagues will come together to honor george michael. a memorial service for the former wrc anchor will be held today at the national cathedral in northwest. it starts at 11:00. joe gibbs will be one of the speakers. george michael died on christmas eve after a two-year bat we'll leukemia. coming up next, what a new study says abot e outcome for children raised by same-sex partners. also, she was in haiti on a mission to save lives when the earthquake hit. she found herself fighting for her own life. how her husband came to her rescue and the message she wants all of us to hear. that is coming up. interesting grooming.
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making headlines this morning. -- before we get to head lines, let's take a look at this first. you found out about this first last night on fox 5 news. sky fox over the scene of a tower struck by a dump truck
6:45 am
and then the high voltage power line came down over the road and cause a whole bunch of problems. much more on that later on today. new research showing that same-sex couples have be just as of coursive as heterosexual couples. the study found that, when it comes to self-esteem, school performance an social adjust, kids raise bit gay couples are statistically indishable from kids raised by married moms and dads. while former presidential nominee john mccain remains possessed to gay marriage, his wife is challenging proposition 8 in california. cindy mccain possessed for an aden toarsing pro-gay marriage forces in the state. no hate is a gay rights group that challenges prop 8. senator mccain says he respects his family members' views but he believes marriage is only defined as between one man and one woman. a lot of california resident are worried about their homes this morning. heavy rain is slamming the state. so far, a mudslide has closed
6:46 am
lakewood boulevard in long beach that. returns under a runway at the long beach airport. they are having a tough time th >> a series of storms. >> record-setting rain out there. >> you got it. >> we've had record-setting snow a few week ago and now we have more winter stuff headed our way. >> not record-setting snow. >> not this time. >> not this time. right now, a slushy mess around here in the washington area this time tomorrow. today, no problems. we'll get right to our headlines. here is what we know and what we know is that we'll have rain and then a mix of rain, sleet and snow that will eventually transition to all snow, i think, for most of the area. but again, this will not be a maj, marriagor storm system for the washington area. rain starts later today. i think after the rush hour tonight, 8:00, 9:00 tonight, it will start as rain here in washington. could be a mix off to the north and west. here in washington, the mixing beins overnight. there is some accumulation possible. i think maybe a slushy inch
6:47 am
here in washington. the close-in metro area, more north and west. out to the north and west, we could see assume layings maybe two, four, maybe five inches in a few spots. as far as tomorrow morning, delays, it is a possibility. i think it is closer to a certainty north an west of the city and here in washington we'll have to keep a close eye on where that rain-snow line sets up a little later tonigh off to the west, counties in blue, that is the winter storm watch so communities like winchester, hagerstown, you've got that winter storm watch that goes into effect later tonight. counties in white now, that is a winter storm warning so that includes places like charlottesville and it is off to the north an west. i want to stress off to the north and west where the worst of this storm will hit as the temperature will be just a little bit colder. that will help ease this transition over to the frozen stuff during the nighttime hours tonight. 32 right now in washington. gaithersburg is 27. look at frederick. 21 for you this morning.
6:48 am
cold air off to the north and west. quantico is 36. in leonardtown, we are currently 4 degrees. if you are south and east of the city and you are worried bay lot of freezing mix out there, i think it will be a rain event for you as we get close to the bay. just a rain event as there will not be enough cold air associated with this one to bring a lot of winter weather. the clouds or the increase. this morning, there is your mess off to the south and west. and it will be a complicated weather pattern. area of low pressure into the ohio valley. we'll transfer its energy to a developing coastal storm off the delmarva peninsula. bottom is we'll tap in and do just enough cold air to transition this rain which will start during the evening hours as mentioned into this messy mix during the morning hours tomorrow. temperatures are really never going to get cold enough not here at the surface but in the upper layers of atmosphere to make this an all-snow event. we could see some light accumulations aas we get out the door tomorrow. today, no problems. just increasing clouds out
6:49 am
there. high abouts 40 degrees. tonight, that winter storm watch goes into effect. rain, sleet and snow developing. overnight low in town, 32 degrees. an as we get into the next couple of days, looks like the snow and sleet will lipper. maybe other than a little freezing rain here in washington. it will linger into the morning hours tomorrow. by tomorrow afternoon, things will start to quiet down and the weekend right now, saturday looks great with highs about 40. we'll warm up sunday and monday but we'll bring back rain chances. he could have a good, steady rain around here sunday late into monday morning. >> thank you for the heads . >> you are welcome. tony is not here today so ask the weather guy is taking a break. but we still need your questions. send us any question you want. go to and click on the weather tab to send yours in. i promise we'll get to as many as we can. >> have to do one of those rapid fire features soon. >> i like that. >> learned a lot. let's check in with julie wright. >> i don't know if i'm he getting more calls from little kid or more calls from teacher saying hey, do we have to go in
6:50 am
tomorrow or are we going to have a two hon hour delay. so get on that, tucker barnes, will you? >> you got it. >> out of hyattstown, we have delays as you continue out towards the truck scales. pretty much a typical slowdown. nothing out of the ordinary. a little bit of congestion there as they merge together onto 270. the pace up proves only to slow again out of hyattstown. traffic slows leaving gaithersburg and mva headed out towards rockville. you will find an earlier incident at montrose road in the local lane has clears. this is a live shot coming in at 66. brake lights to accompany this commute headed eastbound towards 123. so we do have slow traffic in manassas. traffic slows again from 50 to 13, nutley street to the beltway. crash we had mentioned earlier, inner loop of the beltway south of route 5 branch each avenue has been pushed over to the shoulder. all of the lane are open with just a brief rubbernecking delay. that's a check of your fox 5
6:51 am
on-time traffic. >> thank you. this is a live look right now at the scene in haiti this morning. at the present time cities such as this one packed with survivors waiting in line for the most basic of supplies. at just 23 yrs old, jillian thorpe thought her life was over when the earthquake hit. she was in hatey working for a nonprofit. her husband was 100 miles away. when he got word his wife was trapped, he did all he could to save her. will thomas talked to the cup until this fox 5 focus report. >> i just kind of was accepting that maybe at 23 that was it. >> reporter: jillian thorpe was inside this port-au-prince mission house when the earthquake brought it down. the aid worker trapped, barely able to breathe. >> from what i know about lack of oxygen, you just kind of pas out. >> reporter: 100 miles north, frank thorpe, jillian's husband. >> we felt the ground bounce. >> reporter: within a few showers, word got back to frank port owe print was devastated. >> we went to the one house in
6:52 am
the entire region that had internet and i skypeed her and she was able to say i'm stuck. i'm trapped in the front bedroom and please send help and then the call cut out. >> reporter: frank and several friends piled in eye pickup and drove for six hours encountering the rubble and the bodies. >> her haitian staff had been there for seven hours digging. they dug a hole through a if the of concrete to open this hole and i got there and i said i love you and i just started crying. she responded, frank, i'm in the hole. you need to keep it together and get me out of here. >> reporter: about one hour later, frank and the others managed to rescue jill wrap from underneath the house. >> the person that means the most to me in my arms again now, it is going to be okay. >> reporter: the couple is raising a glass an money for a charity they created called hecheian emergency rebuilding
6:53 am
operation. they vow to go back to haiti in week and bring what money they can. when they return, jill wrap will bring an important life lesson after her brush with death. >> i have no regrets. if people are out there making agonizing over situations, you need to do what make you happy because you never know when it is going to be your last moment on earth. >> that was fox 5's will thomas reporting. as soon as she is medically cleared, jill wrap will return to haiti and her humanitarian work. if you would like to know more, we've put a link on our web site. look under web livens. red cross is having a blood drive today from 10:0 until 4:30. an elvis sighting in the district. >> the king is coming to the
6:54 am
national portrait gallery and holly has more on this coming up as fox 5 morning news continues. a whole new look at the legend's life. at soyjoy, we believe the best foods grow from the earth.
6:55 am
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>> reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. and when is the last time you were at the national portrait gallery? well if you love elvis then this weekend is the time. >> ♪ are you loan some tonight. >> reporter: it's a day filled with activities to celebrate the king and the lasting affect that he has had on our culture. in fact it's a day filled with gallery talks, performances, crafts for the kids. we're giving you a preview this morning as we are live and
6:58 am
we'll talk with the curator of a new exhibit about the king and another one set to open later in the year and then we have the deputy director of the white house when nixon was in office and he was there when the king was there. and you can have a moment with the king yourself. >> holly it sounds like fun. from the king of rock 'n' roll to the king of pop. an appearance by usher, jennifer underwood and oky robinson and you can get free 3- d grammy classes starting on sunday. and several benefits will take place as many people want to open their hearts and
6:59 am
wallets for haiti. hands for haiti will be having performances tonight and wale will be the headline. time to join allison and steve for the next couple of hours. >> good morning and thank you. coming up on fox 5 morning news, a teacher at the same school where one of the president's daughter's attend is fired. and scott rown set to make his first appearance here in d.c. following his surprise victory in massachusetts. the ripple affect this could have on the white house. on the advice of council i reserve my right to remain silent and refuse to answer your question. >> the accused white house party crashers appear before the homeland security